Artist Alley

In Artist Alley, you’ll find an amazing showcase of artists celebrating all things pop culture! These artists create original and fan art including but not limited to: comic books, art prints, novels, jewellery, clothing and homewares.

Do I QUalify for an Artist Alley Stand?

The artist alley is a space for independent artists who are producing either: a) self-made artwork in the form of comics, prints, cards, posters or other printed paper-based media, b) self-written and self-published novels or writings in book/comic form or c) handmade and designed jewelry, apparel or homewares. 

Artists may not sell a commercial amount of any product or sell any product that was not primarily drawn/designed (and handmade/constructed where appropriate) by themselves. For a full listing of rules, please see our criteria and rules below.


Applications for all cities are received at once via our application form and assessed as a whole. Once applications are closed, your application will be reviewed by a panel of curators. The Artist Alley curators are selected from a range of people with appropriate industry experience. Once the curators have finished reviewing the submitted portfolios, all artists will be notified of their status.


Upon applying, we ask that you provide a current portfolio of your work to assist in the judging process. Your portfolio should clearly display a sample of the items you would be intending to sell at Oz Comic-Con. Your portfolio is what your application is judged on, so the better it represents your business the better. Your portfolio can be presented as a dedicated website, Facebook page or attached document such as a PDF or slideshow, as long as it clearly only shows your original work. For authors we ask that you provide cover art, a synopsis and the first chapter of your novel.

Please ensure your portfolio is publically accessible and does not require a login or specific email to access. We also ask that it is clear what is your work and the process behind it. Due to the significant number of entries, Oz Comic-Con will not contact artists for clarification or if there are issues accessing portfolios – they will be considered invalid and the applications rejected.

Applications for the Artist Alley for 2019 have now closed. Applicants will be notified of the result of their submission by March 15th 2019. No further applications or additions to the wait list will be accepted this year.


Your application will be accepted based on your portfolio, so be sure it clearly displays your work. If you are submitting a social media page (such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.) then those pages need to clearly show your own work and should not have images from other artists included (i.e. images you have shared on your page, or re-uploaded, etc.). If you are a print artist, digital versions of your works are acceptable. If you sell physical items, clear images of the items are best. Your portfolio can also include images of your table/booth/space setup. Your portfolio should best represent what you intend to display or sell at your table. 


Quality is the single biggest factor taken into consideration in the curation process, but Artist Alley curators will also place a high value on work that is original, highly distinctive or new. Artists from the city in which the event is taking place will also be given additional consideration as well as new artists. We encourage veteran artists to strongly demonstrate the new items or processes in their portfolio.



Applications close Friday 15th March.


Applications close Friday 15th March.


Applications close Friday 15th March.

Once notified of acceptance into the 2019 Oz Comic-Con Artist Alley, artists are required to pay the full amount owed for space within 14 days. Applications may only be made for single tables in 2019, and if space permits artists interested in additional tables will be given that option.

*All prices include GST.


Applications for the Artist Alley are open for 2019 until Sunday 3rd March. Applicants will be notified if they are successful by Friday 15th March and must sign their received contracts by Wednesday 20th March to keep their offered space.

All artists who are not accepted in the initial round will remain on the waitlist and be contacted in the event of cancellations. Please see the rules for deadlines for applications, notification and payment.  


For more information on the Oz Comic-Con Artist Alley please contact us at While we are able to respond to most requests, no feedback or comments will be offered to applicants about their specific applications and all judging decisions are final.