Melbourne | 8 - 9 June | Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre
Brisbane | 21 - 22 September | Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Sydney | 28 - 29 September | Sydney Showground
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Guest Announcement – Aaron Dismuke

Anime voiceover artist Aaron Dismuke is taking over Oz Comic-Con Brisbane & Sydney!

Aaron is best known to fans as the voice of Alphonse Elric in FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST, which he played when he was 12 years old. He has since played roles such as Tamaki from MY HERO ACADEMIA’s “Big 3”, Oscar and Ozma in Rooster Teeth’s RWBY and Blue Pegasus’ Hibiki in FAIRY TAIL.

Aaron has worked as assistant director for Ninja Slayer and Fairy Tail, and director for Shomin Sample and Nanbaka.

Aaron Dismuke joins his Fullmetal Alchemist and My Hero Academia co-star Caitlin Glass for Oz Comic-Con Brisbane and Sydney in September. Welcome to the show, Aaron!