If you always own your friends on consoles this is the activity for you. At every Oz Comic-Con show we cater for a number of tournaments to keep your competitive side happy. In order to take part make sure you head to the Gaming Zone on the day to sign up. This is first in best dressed so be sure to make it your first stop on the show floor.

The tournaments on offer can vary between shows so be sure to check the schedules and social media for the most up-to-date information.

Console Free Play

How great is it to play games with your mates? Heck – How great is it to play solo! Console free-play lets you take a seat and play games you may not have had the chance to before or go on a nostalgia trip down memory lane. Maybe you need to expose your friends to that game you love?

Gaming Exhibitors

Each year Oz Comic-Con attract a wide range of publishers and game developers as exhibitors to our shows.

Keep an eye out for announcements from Gaming Exhibitors closer to your local show!


Check out our stages to check out our gaming related content. This changes every show and can be a range of things including industry talks, 

speedrunning and on-stage challenges. These vary at every show so be sure to check out the schedule and social media for more information.

Gaming is more than just video games!

Tabletop Games

Not one for console games? No problem! We got you covered with a library of tabletop games to satisfy your needs. 

Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Catan. Heard of those? Maybe you like Zombie Dice, Small World or Red Dragon Inn? Well this year Oz Comic-Con is giving you access to all of these games, and more! We’ll be using our tabletop resources to bring you a two-day gaming extravaganza. 

Get along to the Gaming Zone featuring a library of over 40 different games you can play.

LATEST Gaming NEWS - Oz Comic-Con 2020