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Julie Ditrich

Comics Guest

Julie Ditrich is a writer, editor and comics creator, as well as the Founder and CEO of Comics Mastermind™, a professional development service for evolving comics creators. Julie has a BA in Professional Writing (University of Canberra), and has worked in mainstream publishing as a bookseller, publicist, marketing manager, editor and author. Julie worked as a co-writer on ElfQuest: WaveDancers for Warp Graphics (USA) and the Dart miniseries for Image Comics (USA). In recent years, she contributed to the Supanova Tides of Hope anthology, the Australia anthology for Comicoz, as well as the script for the epic fantasy Elf~Fin: Hyfus & Tilaweed comic book series for Black Mermaid Productions, which began its release in 2013. Julie was the co-founder of the Australian Society of Authors (ASA) Comics / Graphic Novels Portfolio and was the co-portfolio holder between 2007 and 2012. Julie has also worked as a professional development graphic novel mentor at the ASA. In 2018 Julie joined the judging panel of the Ledger Awards, which acknowledge excellence in Australian comic art and publishing. In 2019 she will have a chapter featuring a new superhero character—Djiniri—published in Super Australians for Black House Comics, which will be released in September. She will also be the first Australian woman writer on The Phantom published by Frew Publications with the release of The Adventure of the Dragon’s Leg. Julie is currently working on three more Phantom stories, some prose short stories, and a children’s graphic novel.

Notable WORKS

The SuperAustralians
The Phantom
ElfQuest: WaveDancers