Thank you for joining us at Press Play 2018

what is press play?

Calling all pop culture fanatics! If you love cosplay, trivia, gaming and whatever collective noun applies to your collective group of geeks, then join us at PRESS PLAY.

PRESS PLAY is a great night with friends to dust off your dancing shoes, brush up on your pop culture trivia knowledge and enjoy the spectacle that is the Australian Championships of Cosplay.



We’ve all been there before right? You’ve been preparing your entire life for this. All the TV, comics, and books you’ve read have led up to this moment. It’s the final question and you’re currently tied. You feel the weight of the team on your shoulders as the announcer reads the question, “What form does Ginny Weasley’s Patronus take?” and your mind blanks. This situation could be very real, as you compete for the winning title when you join us for a bit of pop-culture trivia. 

The Super Ultimate Game Challenge

Not into trivia? That’s cool! Check out our tabletop freeplay, where you could be playing a game of Cards Against Humanity and find out that Batman’s guilty pleasure is “Heart-warming orphans.” If tabletop is not your scene, we have plenty of consoles where you can challenge your friends to a game of Mario Kart (just watch out for those banana peels).


The Oz Comic-Con Australian Championships of Cosplay is the largest and most prestigious costume contest in Australia! This is the first stop in the “Quest for the Crown,” a global Cosplay competition circuit that celebrates the very best in Cosplay from all over the world.


Dust off those dancing shoes! We will have a live DJ on the night playing some of your favourite songs and chiptunes. One minute you could be breaking it down, or awkwardly dancing to Chainsmokers and the next minute we are re-living our childhoods while screaming the lyrics to the Pokemon theme song. With everything you would want from Top 40 to deep cuts from nerddom, there really is something for everyone.

Event floor

Nerd Networking

Come and meet people with the same interests as you! Nerd Networking is all about meeting new people and making friends in a speed dating context, minus the awkward dating part and just talking with awesome new people!

Tabletop & Video Games

Are you itching for a session of Monopoly or busting for a dance off in Just Dance? We’ve got you covered there too! We’ll have a great range of Tabletop and Video Games for the evenings entertainment. 


Let’s face it, we all love to have our photos taken. Whether it be to immortalise your Outfit Of The Day, or simply because you gotta work those angles for the ‘Gram! Whatever reason it may be, our Cosplay photographers will be set up and ready to take your photo on the night in each city.

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