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The Autograph Store is your destination for purchasing Limited Edition Autographs of previous guests from Oz Comic-Con and our international sister events.  

If you missed the opportunity to get an autograph of one of your your favourite guests at one of our previous shows, check out our Autograph Store and see if we have it!

Limited Edition Oz Comic-Con 2018 A3 Prints - Set of 3

Limited Edition Oz Comic-Con 2018 A3 Prints - Set of 3

This is a rare limited edition set of Oz Comic-Con A3 prints. The artwork – created by critically acclaimed MARVEL comic artist Wayne Nichols – was commissioned as a one-off to celebrate the three Oz Comic-Con events of 2018. 

Each set consists of 3 prints, each inspired by the iconic landmarks and state animals of each city (Ninja Koalas! Power Platypus! Space Possums!). The artwork is printed on prime, high quality 200gsm gloss stock with a felt finish, perfect for framing or block mounting. It will not be reprinted again.

Each print is numbered. 
Melbourne prints are 1 of 160
Brisbane prints are 1 of 100
Sydney prints are 1 of 120
Specific poster numbers will vary. Remaining sets are extremely limited. 


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