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Melbourne June 9 - 10, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Paul Bedford & Henry POP

Paul Bedford – a dark, twisted, morass of corruption passing itself off as human – is most well-known for writing a dark, twisted, morass of corruption entitled The List* (which, for a blissful 3 hours, 4 minutes and 19 seconds stole the number one spot for horror graphic novels on Amazon from The Walking Dead) and its sequel, The List 2: Seeds for Eden.

Aside from those delightful books, Paul is working on an epic fantasy graphic novel, The Battle for Arn, with master fantasy artist, Michal Dutkiewicz. He has had a boardgame he co-designed (Road Warrior) released by Mattel, contributed to numerous comic anthologies and has spent far too much time of the one life he gets playing strategy wargames while eating sweet chilli and sour cream chips.

Henry Pop is a Melbourne based comic artist. He has pencilled the graphic novels The List & The List 2: The List-ening. He is currently working on 2 comic projects which are all very hush-hush.

*Serious stuff: The List will not be sold to any person under the age of 15 without parental consent. The book will be wrapped, but internal artwork will be available for perusal by those interested. Autographs either on The List or The List 2 graphic novels or the free promotional material or will not incur a fee.

Notable Works:

The List, The List 2: Seeds for Eden


Paul Bedford & Henry Pop


At Guest’s Discretion


At Guest’s Discretion