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Andrew Lees was born and raised in Melbourne before moving to Sydney to attend the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA). It was here Andrew booked his first job before graduation in Steven Speilberg and Tom Hanks produced HBO miniseries The Pacific. Andrew then went on to work in Australia on Home and Away and then the series regulars of Chase Gallagher on Rescue Special Ops and Ranger Ryan on H20: Just Add Water. After moving to the States Andrew booked his first sitcom series regular in Your Family or Mine for TBS, returning  to Australia in between for telemovies Carlotta and Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door. Upon his return to the US Andrew booked the role he is  probably most known that of Lucien Castle in CW’s The Originals, and most recently he’s just completed work on Peter Jackson produced film Mortal Engines as Herbert Melliphant.

Notable Roles:

The Originals, The Pacific, Rescue Special Ops, Home and Away

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