Melbourne June 9 - 10, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


Anime and Manga fans – this is all about you! 

WHAT IS ANIME and Manga?

Anime is a style of Japanese cartoon, iconic for its characters’ big dolly eyes and gravity-defying hairstyles. There are many different sub-genres aimed at different audiences, from giant robot sagas to slice-of-life stories. Famous animes include Sailor Moon, Pokemon and Ghost in the Shell.

Manga is a style of Japanese comic books that span a number of genres. Popular titles are also commonly made into anime. Popular titles include Dragon Ball Z and Naruto


Our screening room will feature a fantastic schedule of new and awesome shows and movies direct from Japan. Headphones will be available in the screening area with the option to listen to the original Japanese audio with subtitles or the English dubbed version (when available)!

Full screening schedule will be announced closer to each show.


A huge selection of Manga will be available to check out within the Anime Station. Pull up a bean bag, sit back, relax and get with some of your your favourite manga titles!

If you have any questions or suggestions for the Anime Station, send an email to Michelle, your Anime Station expert!


From new blockbuster releases to old classic titles, drop by for a few rounds and duke it out with your friends! 

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