Love your cosplay props? Awesome! Read on. 

The cosplay prop competition is the event where your props can get some appreciation. You can enter this event solo or as part of a team (2 people max) into this awesome event and have the opportunity to win some awesome prizes!

Only a limited number of people will be taken for the competition and 2 weeks out from out from the show you’ll be informed if you have been successful with your application.


Props are a handheld object part of a larger costume (i.e. Helmet, but not full armour or Sword, but not full costume) and not an entire costume. Props can be made in a number of different ways from foam, worbla to fabric, moulding and casting.


Coming soon! 


  • Props must be handheld or a piece of a larger costume (Not full armor but a helmet or another element is fine) this competition is for your props so let them take the spotlight!
  • Props are an accessory that accompany a costume which has its own elements of craftsmanship on its own
  • No more than 25% of the prop can be store bought/pre-constructed (This includes 3D printed models)
  • 3D printed props – in order to be eligible for any prizes if you have 3D printed a prop you must have also created the model. Images of this should accompany your application.
  • Props can’t have been part of a costume that has won any awards at Oz Comic-Con previously
  • Props can be made by a maximum of 2 people. Teams of more than 2 will not be accepted into the event.
  • You will need to attend you allocated judging slot, failure to do so will result in disqualification from the event
  • You will need to bring your prop for display over the course of the weekend. You’ll need to arrive at the event before 10:00 AM Saturday to put your prop on display and collect your prop after 5:00 PM Sunday.
  • In your application you must prove you have created the prop, this can include progress pictures, designs etc.,
  • Original designs are accepted however you must specify clear inspiration and designs included in the application. If the judges feel the supporting documentation is inadequate then it may result in your application not being accepted.
  • Dual props are fine (I.e. if the character uses 2 katana) and they will be classed as one prop in the competition.
  • All props must abide with the Oz Comic-Con Props policy (Under 2m in Length)
  • All entries will be informed if they have been successful in the competition at least two(2) weeks prior to the show. No late entries will be accepted.
  • Have fun!