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Guest Announcement – Alan Baxter

“I know your secret.”

Alan Baxter, the visionary behind the fast-paced Alex Caine series (Bound, Obsidian & Abduction) will be making his way to our Sydney show in September! 

The Alex Caine series follows Alex, a martial artist with a secret advantage – he can see and predict his opponents moves before they make them. Alex’s world is turned upside down when he is approached to help unlock the key to an ancient and powerful grimoire. This dark urban fantasy thriller is well worth the read for the avid bibliophile!

Much like his titular character, Alan is also an avid martial artist, teaching the discipline of Kung Fu in his home region on the NSW south coast. Among his other writing works is the Urban Fantasy novel, Hidden City, as well as over 70 novellas and short stories. Come by and meet Alan Baxter at Oz Comic-Con Sydney, you’ll find him in Artist Alley!